Mermaid Magic~Sea Moss Tincture~Deep Dive Detox


This magical tincture is made of sea moss, bladderwack seaweed and burdock root for a deep yet gentle detox. It literally tastes like the sea! And in water, tea, or smoothies you can barely taste it all!

What is Sea Moss and why is it so beneficial? 

Seamoss alone contains 92 minerals. It supports the thyroid, the gut, the immune system, the brain, the musculoskeletal system. It promotes healthy weight, and radiant skin, hair and nails. It is also known to boost energy and mood, and can help reduce overall mucus in the body. It is amazing!

Sea moss is typical bought fresh and then prepared by thoroughly rinsing it and preparing a gel, and then taking the gel daily. This takes time and lots of prep, and seeing as we already do so much in the kitchen, I wanted something that was simple, effective and potent. Something that was ready to go and that I could just drop into water, without a jelly texture. And so… this tincture came to be! And I’m happy to share it with you!