Blue Moon~deep relaxation~Ritual Perfume Oil


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Many of you have been asking if I have a Perfume Roller that smells similar to very popular Blue Moon Night Cream... well, your in luck, because I just made one last night! ‘Tis the season for rest, quiet reflection, and renewal,... and this beautiful blend will assist you with all of those things. Vetiver, which comes from roots, is so helpful for deep grounding, and it also promotes sleep. Frankincense and myrrh are the sacred oils of the Xmas season. At the time of Jesus’ birth, they were considered more valuable than GOLD! They connect us with Divine light within while calming the nervous system. Clary sage brings clarity and calm. Lavender opens the heart and relaxes the mind. Blue chamomile nurtures a frantic mind and encourages one to get in touch with their personal deep truth. Cedarwood purifies the aura and offers strength and stability through fragile and trying times. Vanilla comforts. Bergamot brings joy and peace. Blue Tansy is a unique indigo coloured oil that brings harmony and drives out the winter time blues...! This blend is wonderful to use as a Perfume, a meditation blend, as well as an aid for getting better sleeps, and reducing stress. It’s the best!