Earth Angel~Bath and Body Oil


Earth Angel~Bath and Body Oil~with lots of earthy Patchouli, a touch of Vetiver, a swirl of pine, the divine earth mother oil-Geranium and the angelic vibrational oils of lemongrass, lavender, and, amber resin has been drop into each bottle and is slowly dissolving. You will also find rose Quartz and moss agate crystals as they connect you to the source of earth and heaven-LOVE!... all in a base of nourishing, vitamin rich carrier oils to deeply hydrate and bless both skin and spirit.
Have you ever met an Earth Angel? Someone who comes into your life at the right time? Someone who sees your light and pulls it out of you? Someone who seems to carrying a message from the divine for you? Someone who seems otherworldly? Or an everyday angel you pass by on the street? Angels are everywhere and they can come in all forms. I’ve met so many in my short life while travelling the world. I’m pretty positive I live with one too! Have you met an earth angel? Are you an Earth angel?