Moonflower (Tantric) Hair Perfume


Continuing with my line of celestial potions... is the new Moonflower Hair Perfume! Did you know that Jasmine flowers bloom by the light of the moon? Their blossoms are tiny, white, and so fragrant! They simultaneously resonate with the sacral chakra (creativity, sexuality) and the crown chakra (divinity, cosmic consciousness)... because in truth, there is nothing more sacred than creativity/sex in it’s truest form... bringing life into the world through an act of pure love! This is sacred. We often separate these things... but it could be farthest from the truth. The missing piece is love... and that everything we bring into the world bursts forth from the love in our hearts. Only when we turn away from love, our view of sex becomes ‘perverted’ from its original intention...just like everything else in creation. We forget how Sacred all of life is and it all begins by the act of making life and how we approach our expressions of love or lack thereof. Phew. Tangent. Basically.. this a powerfully sexy and sacred perfume... that taps into every chakra... from the soul star and crown (jasmine), through the third eye, throat, and heart (lavender) through the solar plexus (verbena and lime), the sacral (jasmine), and the root (Vetiver)... this goes without saying, but it smells DIVINELY sexy!