Anahata~Heartspace Annointing Oil


Anahata~Heart Space~Annointing Oil-with Frangipani, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Lemon Blossom Absolute!
Frangipani~ awakens joy and passion and works with the heart, solar plexus, and crown chakras. It aids in transformation when going through struggle or loss. Boosts self love and confidence. Works with the divine feminine... ruled by Venus, the planet of love and Beauty. Enhances and attracts all kinds of love... romantic, spiritual, devotional and unconditional love for self and for others. Powerful aphrodisiac! It has a creamy, floral, peachy, tropical flower aroma that is totally divine! It’s 5 petals look like a star and this symbolizes celestial magic!
Frangipani is complemented with the ancient aroma of Sandalwood. Another oil for the sacred Heart... it resonates with the High heart chakra located between the heart and throat chakras. This is the place of universal love and truth, divine consciousness,... it takes us out of the chatter of our minds and grounds us in a foundation of love. Sandalwood promotes relaxation, and a letting go/surrender of all the little worries that creep up throughout the day. It brings us home to our greater purpose... and allows us to relax into that inner knowing. ✨💗💫 It is such a comforting blend!