Sacred Feminine Balancing Kit

$150.00 $170.00

Sacred Feminine Balancing Kit- promotes self love, hormonal balance, healthy breasts, a happy cycle, and a clear luminous complexion. Every single product smells divine and makes you feel like a goddess! 💖

✨Clear Balance Face Serum (for hormonal/combination skin)

✨Gentle Heart Healthy Breast Massage Oil

✨ Moon Woman Sacred Cycle Roller (for PMS, cramps, headaches, digestion, hot flashes and more!) 

✨Goddess-Hormone Balancing Perfume Oil.

Products are all natural and infused with crystals, essential oils, and botanicals that bring love, joy, and balance to the feminine spirit! The cycles and seasons of the feminine are so beautiful and meant to be honoured and celebrated! This is where our innate power lies. This kit will serve woman in all walks of life. Great for teenagers, adults, and woman going through menopause. I've also heard beautiful testimonies of how amazing the breast oil is to revive breasts after years of breastfeeding!

✨Value of the kit is $165. This week it will be offered at $145 plus free shipping.