Amber Woods - Ritual Perfume Oil

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From the coziest copses, this ritual perfume oil revolves around the warm and luxurious Amber Attar. Naturally derived from botanical sources such as flowers, barks, herbs, spices, or resins, attar perfume oils were first developed in India using ancient techniques that involved natural distillation in Sandalwood and careful aging of periods up to ten years. Let the deeply spiced notes of this wooden gem wrap around you with a thrill of enchantment.

Featured Ingredients:

Amber Attar: a botanically derived substance, distilled in essential oil of Sandalwood. Traditionally used in sacred ceremonies along with other resins, such as frankincense and myrrh, to drive out negativity and offer protection. The scent of amber — rich, sweet, ancient, and warming — is said to inspire good fortune, and is associated with wealth and abundance. Imbues a soothing effect, which helps balances mind, body, and soul. Associated with the powerful forces of the sun and the element of fire.  Amber is very energizing and balancing to the chakras, especially the heart and sacral chakras. A healthy heart chakra allows us to love deeply and embody compassion while maintaining a deep sense of peace and equanimity.  The sacral chakra is the energy centre for pleasure, sexuality, abundance and fluidity of emotions. It connects us to others through feelings, desire, sensation and movement. When this chakra is in balance, it brings us harmony, grace, sexual fulfilment and the ability to accept change.

Nutmeg: a calming, comforting oil associated  with health, luck, & money. Can be helpful following crisis and depression in reconnecting to the spiritual realm and dispelling anxiety.

Cedarwood: a deeply purifying oil that encourages inner growth and renewal. Balances and stabilizes the spirit, enabling the manifestation of dreams.

Pine: a bright and refreshing oil that urges us to deeply embrace nature. Fosters understanding and reveals the eternal nature of love. Summons the angels of the forest to cleanse, heal, protect, and purify. Increases fertility and attracts abundance.

Sandalwood: a valuable, beautifying oil that heals skin and inspires the spirit. Aromas of balsam wood encourage a meditative state assisting in the bearer’s awareness of the spiritual and physical realms. Offering harmony, peace, serenity, and unity, sandalwood helps to create a feeling of safety in which to foster spiritual and emotional healing.


Ingredients: Amber Attar, Brown Amber Absolute, Essential oils of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Mace, Cassia, Cinnamon, Pine Scotch, and Balsam Fir.