Dream Bliss~Bath Melts/Solid lotion


Dream Bliss~Bath Melts! Just trying to make all of your cozy winter bathing dreams come true! All you do is drop a melt into the tub while you are running your bath... the melts of made of deeply nourishing butters and calming essential oils that will leave both skin and spirit feeling nurtured and soft. The deeply relaxing blend of Sandalwood, Vetiver, lavender, ginger, tangerine, Bergamot, and jasmine, will also help relax muscles, and boost circulation (these oils also open the heart spiritually!), which will warm up the body! Like imagine coming in from a frosty outdoor adventure, and then soaking in DREAM BLISS....mmm...I hope you love these little bathtime friends as much as I do! Swipe right to see how cute they are! Each tin comes with 8 inside!