Emerald Forest (Pine and Jasmine)-Enchanted Perfume Butter


Enchanted Forest carries the magic and fortitude of the scotch and piñon pine trees and hits you right in the pineal gland... opening the third eye... 🦄 you know.. where your invisible unicorn horn exists. These pines dance with exotic Jasmine Sambac! Whoa. A match made in heaven. Jasmine activates and elevates ALL of the chakras! But especially the sacral (sexual creative centre) and the crown (divine connection). You will also find deep grounding, earthy notes of vetiver and Cedarwood, sweet citrus and minty birch, and some spicy cardamom and cinnamon moments.

The base of this butter contains antioxidant rich acai oil, healing pinon pine resin, collagen building avocado oil, and nourishing chia seed oil! Use this luxurious butter to heal up dry patches on the skin and inflammation. It’s amazing on dry feet as well! But also.. so beautiful as a Hydrating Perfume Butter. I use it on my arms daily. 🌲💚💜