Equinox -Ritual Kit

$140.00 $160.00

A gorgeous ritual kit that celebrates the sweet energies of Spring! This includes detoxifying, letting go of thought patterns that do not serve, cleansing, protecting and purifying the body, mind, and spirit, manifesting, and planting seeds of intention... joy, hope, and the promise of brighter days filled with love and laughter! 


Includes: Detox Bath Salts, Tourmaline in Quartz Necklace (medium long gold dipped brass chain), Green Goddess detox cleanser and mask, and EQUINOX BALANCING PERFUME WAND:

Lavender- a gorgeous oil for a heart in bloom! Calming and harmonizing ... the mother of all the oils...

Jasmine- for angelic energies and promotes love and beauty

Neroli-comes from the blossoms of oranges, and is known for it’s euphoric qualities

Lemongrass- energizing and promotes detoxification

Clary Sage- emotionally balancing but also balances female hormones. Enhances intuition.

Vetiver- smells a bit like fresh earth.. the earth awakening.. a very grounding, and balancing oil.

Nettle- purifying and detoxifying... a beautiful green note!

Violet leaf- brings fresh energy for new beginnings! Is one of the first blossoms to appear in spring!

Orris Root-comes from the iris plant but smells just like violet blossoms!

Vanilla- brings a warming, playful energy to the mix. A very subtle note in the blend...

Bergamot- brings bright joy and energy! Just like the sun in the Springtime!

Lime- bright and happy! Confidence booster! Cleansing!