Golden Ray~Fortifying ~Throat Spray (respiratory support, allergy relief, digestive, immune boosting)


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With goldenrod, licorice root, wild bergamot/bee balm, manuka honey, and brandy.

This gorgeous new throat spray centers around the magnificent goldenrod! Goldenrod is known as the ‘singer’s herb’ as it works wonderfully in the treatment of laryngitis, sore throats and inflammation of the mouth. It is a natural antihistamine (hello allergy season!) and an anti inflammatory and may help reduce arthritic pain. Goldenrod contains a powerful antioxidant called quercetin ... this antioxidant is more powerful than that found in green tea, and may help reduce symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety. (To me, taking goldenrod is like drinking in the SUN.. it looks like the happiness plant!)

Goldenrod also contains saponins that are useful in combatting the candida fungus that causes vaginal and oral thrush! You can use this magical plant topically as well to treat burns, bites, and stings! (Just spray onto skin!)

Goldenrod resonates with the solar plexus.. bringing expansion to our inner sun fire.. which brings feelings of peace and calm and a feeling of being in our own personal power.

Energetically, Goldenrod is useful for those who struggle with being heavily influenced by groupthink or family ties. It promotes a sense a radiant individuality... and a knowing that being authentically true to YOU is the potent medicine the world needs now.

Spray under tongue a few times a day for allergy and digestive support. Spray throat for pain relief due to sore throats!