Immortelle Duo~ Special Summer Edition!~Blossom Glow


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Introducing our NEW Summer Edition Immortelle Duo!!!~ with a higher dose of Bakuchiol (natural retinol) and natural sun protection thanks to zinc oxide, raspberry seed and buriti oils! Featuring our Immortelle~Golden Blossom Beauty Balm~ (with spf) and our new Immortelle~Blossom Berry Glow Serum!!! (Infused with Rose Quartz and flower petals😍)

The duo boasts the amazing beautifying and heart harmonizing effects of precious 🌸FLOWERS~ radiant rose, enchanting jasmine, calming chamomile, along with some new potent CO2 extracts of Rosehip, calendula, evening primrose, and sea buckthorn Berry... that promote radiance from the inside out!

The aroma is like sticking your nose in a fresh spring blossom. Or like walking in a flower garden. Rose and jasmine lovers look out!!! This is for you!!! And these two radiant royal blossoms are also come of the best blooms for nurturing the heartspace!

Both the balm and serum contain our beloved Helichrysum italicum oil~ aka Immortelle oil... known for its ability to heal and regenerate skin cells, which in turn fades signs of sun damage, melasma, acne scars, signs of premature aging due to environmental stress! The Rosehip, hibiscus, prickly pear, rose, frankincense, sandalwood and bakuchiol ~natural retinol~ all help with this process as well.

This duo also features ximenia nectar that comes from wild plums!!! This is intensely HYDRATING for the most parched skin! When you apply it, it will feel THICK and maybe even heavy, but after 5 mins it will absorb and your skin will feel softer than you could have imagined! This made especially for DRY skin but my combo skin is LOVING it! It feels soft... yet so FIRM and PROTECTED from the elements! This could also be used as a night time treatment for intense after sun repair!

This duo literally transforms the texture of your skin. You won’t be able to stop touching it!😊 Also I’m obsessed with the natural retinol we’ve been putting in our latest potions! My skin has never felt or looked more radiant... the older I get!!!✨🌸🙌🏻 We infuse both potions with an in-house blend of herbal extracts that soothe skin and boost collagen protection! It’s heaven! And like all of our balms and serums~ a little goes a LONG WAY! Will last you the entire summer 🙌🏻 

To use: gently press a few drops of the serum into your skin. Follow up with the balm. You need such a tiny amount of the balm... a little goes a LONG way so keep this in mind! 

More on individual ingredients to come!!! 

please note that the summer edition duo is not suitable for pregnancy... but our original Immortelle serum is!😘