Luxurious Bug Off Oil


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This is a natural lightweight bug repelling oil. The oil will have longer staying power than the bug off spray, but the spray is good for upkeep or for when you want to spray your clothes. The oils in all of the repellents are anti septic and anti inflammatory so you can use these repellents for afterbite, scrapes, and bumps and bruises. 👍🏻 Every Spring I spend WEEKS researching natural Bug repelling oils! Catnip essential oil is the best for repelling mosquitoes.  Studies show that it is 10 times more effective than deet. I put it in a base of organic soya bean, coconut, aloe Vera, and castor oils which all repel bugs as well. I also add so many other bug repelling essential oils including lavender and vanilla and lemongrass and cedarwood... so really, it's the best bug repellent you've ever smelled...☺️