Nature Nurture~Herbal Face Cream~ Essential Oil Free for Sensitive skin types

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I love essential oils so much, and they have so many healing benefits for the skin, but they are very powerful and some very sensitive skin types may do better without.. also not everybody wants a smell on their face! All products from the new Nature Nurture line are essential oil free and relie on the healing infusions of herbs in oil over many Moon cycles instead. The base oils and natural plant butters are selected carefully and are FULL of nutrients, vitamins,  and fatty acids that support healthy skin and repair damaged inflamed skin. 

A little breakdown of the ingredients:

Kokum Butter-is deeply hydrating, and excellent for eczema and acne prone skin types. 

Mango Butter- is rich in Vitamin A (nature’s retinol) and promotes graceful aging.

Pomegranate Oil- stimulates cell renewal, reduces fine lines, plumps and hydrates skin, and feeds the skin with antioxidants that protect skin from environmental damage. Also great for inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and acne.

Rice Bran Oil- is soothing and gentle and soooo rich in vitamin e. It protects from sun damage and nourishes and repairs dry skin. 

Argan Oil- known as liquid gold in the skincare world. Again, super rich in vitamins and promotes graceful aging. 

Aloe Vera- repairs and tones skin. Heals redness and inflammation. 

Calendula herb - is a mighty skin healer.. for ALL skin ailments.

Horsetail- natural silica promotes collagen and boosts elasticity.

Lemon Balm- helps to keep skin clear and blemish free

Hibiscus- is considered nature’s botox.

Chamomile -calms and cools angry skin (and spirit!)

Gotu Kola- strengthens skin and stimulates collagen production... promotes a youthful flow

Licorice-brightens skin and helps heal sun damage

Nettle- soothing and purifying for congested skin types