Radiance Treatment Mask - with natural alpha hydroxy acid


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Indulge your senses in this luxurious face mask made from a blend of botanicals, clays, herbal extracts, raw honey, and essential oils that work to brighten, renew, refine, soften, and even out skin tone. The beautiful aroma of vanilla, jasmine, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, and chamomile,  will sweep you off your feet as they enchant you with their ultra feminine and beautifying essences. A gift for not only the complexion, but for the heart and spirit as well!

This a 'wet' mask and ready to go as is, no need to add water! Leave for 10-20 min and rinse off, or use a little bit with a splash of water as a daily cleanser.  There may be slight a 'tingling' sensation for those with sensitive skin due to the natural alpha-hydroxy acids and brightening extracts of lemon, rosehip, strawberry, apple, and maple. Avoid contact with sensitive eye area. 

Comes packaged in a 50 ml frosted glass jar.