Sacred Flame~Winter Warming~Bath and Body Oil


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As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, we find ourselves more often in the dark and in the cold. And what a gift it is, as it allows us... perhaps it gently (or forcibly!) nudges us to seek the eternal light and warmth that springs from within! The eternal flame, the sacred Flame, the flame of love, the light that illuminates our true soul path. It is when we are cut off from the distractions and the ‘do-ings’ of the outer world, and when we are able to be still, in the dark, in the void, we will reach to and remember that light within, as we begin to feel it glow and flicker within our hearts. This light never dies and never leaves our side. We gather with our loved ones. We light candles. We celebrate the mystery and the sacredness of the dark and it’s gifts, while we honour the light of love... and all the while, the plant kingdom is going through similar transformations and ceremonies of death, letting go, renewal, and holding on to the promise of rebirth. The plant kingdom knows this divine light well... we are all in this together.

And so, a sacred potion... which doubles as a practical Body Oil, that honours the sacred Flame while warming the skin, boosting circulation (it’s all about the heart!) and grounding the nervous system. Warming chilli seed and ginger oils come together with sacred Sandalwood, the classic combo of frankincense and myrrh, calming chamomile, pain relieving pine, comforting vanilla, transcendent tobacco, fortifying spruce, detoxifying juniper berry, fresh rosemary, and earthy Patchouli.
Use as a muscle melt, a warming body oil, or in the bath! Would also be wondering in the hair and on the scalp as chill Seed promotes hair growth as well!💗👌🏻