Solstice Magic~Ritual/Meditation Oil


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One of the most sacred times of year is upon us... the Winter Solstice! (And Xmas of course)! We are in our darkest days and Winter Solstice is the shortest darkest one of all. From there, the days begin growing and the light slowly returns. .
The Solstice is a time to be still, to look within, to take rest and spend times with loved ones. It’s about planting seeds deep in the dark mystery and waiting patiently with hope and love for the Spring. It’s a time to shed old skins and step into our truest versions of ourselves. It’s a beautiful time for prayer and meditation.
We so often run from the dark.. always seeking light.. distracted from the deep mystery of soul... there is nothing to be afraid of there.. only a vast landscape of depth and wholeness... an infinite life force inside that desires oneness and peace within your being and within the world at large. ✨✨✨
I made this ritual oil with care and attention. I harvested the juniper berries with prayers for purification on my lips. Juniper is blended with resins (frankincense and myrrh) sacred woods (Sandalwood, Birch, Cedarwood), evergreen needles (pine and Balsam fir), warm spices Vanilla, lavender, musk, sacred Tobacco blossom, vetiver and benzoin! It has sparkly mica to make it sparkle and bring wonder to the spirit! Like a snow globe for the soul! ✨✨✨ 


Use this Ritual Oil to create sacred space within your body temple. The syngery of ancient sacred oils help to ground, energetically purify,  and elevate the spirit, helping your open up to your own inner North Star...and wonder at the divine being that you are. ✨