Sunlight-Clarifying Face Cream with natural SPF


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Sunlight-Clarifying Face Cream with Natural Sun Protection. ☀️
This is a spin off of the Sunbeam face cream made specifically for a friend who has an allergy to lemongrass (which exists in Sunbeam) and is struggling with breakouts. I decided to make a small batch of these for those of you who have sensitive/reactive/breakout prone or any skin but don’t want a lot of essential oils. There is a lower amount of essential oils in this batch... instead the base oils are INFUSION with dried herbs and flowers for at least one lunar cycle. The base oils are also carefully selected for their cleansing, calming, and inflammation reducing properties. This face cream is also full of Argan oil which is ultra regenerating. Basically this is amazing for combo skin! Dry, oily, breakouts, reactions. And if your pregnant, this is also a better option for you! 🙃 This is a temporary product, but if there is enough demand, I will keep it along side Sunbeam. Hope this isn’t too confusing!