Wild and Free~Summer Survival Kit

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Wild and Free~Summer Survival Kit~ a practical yet luxurious kit of natural plant potions to enhance the joys of summer with defending against the annoyances that come with the flourishing of life (aka: mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, sunburn, rash, skin irritations). Nature has its own way of protecting itself against pest and the elements, so we have harnessed this timeless intelligence to protect your precious bodies!
Pack these potions for the beach, for your camping trips, the cabin, or have them ready for your own backyard! Stay safe, have fun, and smell so good while doing it!
And another thing to note... these potions are also safe to use in the water and will not contaminate/poison the lakes, ponds and rivers we love to swim in all summer long. Always remember the Mother.. our Mother Nature. She gives graciously and we can give back graciously. We are in relationship with her all day long for as long as we live here on earth. ✊💖🌎