Winter’s Rose Shimmering Perfume Balm

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A magical balm that leaves a trail of shimmer and natural perfume on the skin. Apply to cheeks, lips, eyelids, and chest for pinky purple shimmer fun! Layer it up to use as a cream blush or lipstick, or just a subtle highlight on your cheekbones and eyelids! Very ethereal and (Winter) fairy like! 

The aroma comes from rare WHITE rose absolute. Honouring the PURITY of the LOVE in the heart.

White spruce, Juniper,  and Cedarwood keep us grounded, pure, strong, and protected and help carry us through the long winter with their wise ever-green wisdom.

Muskmallow is a plant based musk that gives this perfume a beautiful but subtle musky base note. Labdanum adds a touch of honey and sweet amber to the mix.

Vetiver reminds us of Mother Earth sleeping beneath the sparkle white snow. 

Cardamom, Pimento Berry, and Clove leaf bring a warmth to the blend and boost circulation in the skin. 

Lavender is the soft Mother that touches the heart and helps to bring the blend together. Deeply calming and soothing. 

Apply to pulse points and rub together to blend into to skin! Watch how your skin sparkles and glows like sunbeams on snow!