Flowerbed~Sensual Love Butter and Perfume


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Flowerbed~Sensual Love Butter and Perfume got a little makeover!
It contains a sensual bouquet of rose, jasmine, Ylang ylang, and tuberose, mixed with creamy musk, amber notes of labdanum, aged dark Patchouli, Sacred Sandalwood, and exotic spices.✨✨✨ If you are looking for a balm to help boost libido and to make you feel like a sensual goddess, this would be it! 💗🌹✨
Why perfume balm/love Butter? Perfume balms deeply nourish and hydrate, and the scent stays nice and close to the skin, just for you and for intimate moments. It encourages intimacy with a lover or with yourself through the magic of TOUCH. The entire body lights up and the nervous system relaxes when touch is employed in a loving and consenting matter. You can lovingly anoint yourself or have a lover anoint you wherever it feels intuitively good for you. Or you can just massage this into arms, chest, shoulders, after a Bath for yourself, or before a date night! Whatever works for you💗🌹💗✨