Mermaid Beauty~Sun Protection Duo~ for Face!


I’m so so excited about this new Face Cream with sun protection! 
From it’s ultra creamy consistency, light and gorgeous tropical aroma, it’s ability to truly regenerate skin cells and boost collagen, while protecting skin ~safely~ from the sun while minimizing pores... and let’s not forget my favourite part... the COLOUR!!! Colour therapy is REAL my friends and I try to incorporate this into my potions in natural ways as much as I possibly can!
This new Cream is like Sunbeam but more hydrating and nourishing. Great for all skin types. Gentle enough for pregnancy and sensitive skin types. It is loaded with mango butter and features tropical oils of brightening and collagen promoting hibiscus seed, deeply restorative kukui nut, pore refining Frangipani, and nourishing Monoi de Tahiti...raspberry seed and rice bran have been included for their natural UV protection abilities.. but the addition of zinc is the ultra sun shield. Zinc oxide is also great for calming skin inflammations and helps with acne as well! The carrier oils have been infused with skin loving hibiscus flowers, elderflower, rose petals, calendula, horsetail, and Gotu Kola. Essential oils of blue tansy, Sandalwood, Bergamot, and pink lotus are swirled about as well! It’s heaven for your face! So you can ‘Mermaid’ all summer without worry!

And of course the new Mermaid Beauty Face Cream has a new Mermaid Sun protect serum to go with it! With oils of pore refining strawberry seed, acne fighting guava, regenerating cherry kernel, nourishing Monoi de Tahiti, nutrient rich Sea buckthorn, and loads of sun protecting and antioxidant rich red raspberry seed oil! Red raspberry seed oil is known to have a natural spf of 30-40! Just a few drops of this serum instantly turns skin to silk! 

I like to press the serum into clean skin and then once it is completely absorbed, I follow up with the Mermaid Face Cream! Enjoy beauties!!! And remember to still play it safe in the sun!