Vanilla Musk


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New✨Vanilla Musk Perfume Wand! For those who don’t like rose, but want a sultry/musky alternative!
This blend feature vanilla (obviously) and Muskmallow Oil... the oil is a natural vegan musk, as most other musks out there are animal derived or totally synthetic (chemicals!). This musk is beautiful and soft and comes from the seed of the plant! Muskmallow is a very precious and expensive alternative but so worth it! I’m often asked if I have a musk perfume, and I’m so happy to offer this!
I also added some frankincense and myrrh, as they blend beautifully with both vanilla and musk, as well as Vetiver, powdery Mysore Sandalwood, and Spikenard! So NICE!!! Mmmm. It’s soft and grounding and warm and sensual. Cosy and beautiful! Different than anything I’ve ever made before!