Astral - Blue Lotus Perfume Oil


I’m not even sure where to begin when talking about Blue Lotus Absolute. Yes.. the lotus that it comes from is blue. Yes I have that Blue Lotus tattooed onto my neck behind my ear. It is the flower I connected to most when I first left home and went out into the world. It is the flower of enlightenment, and later in life I found out it is the flower of one of my most prominent spirit guides: Kuan Yin ...Kuan Yin (goddess of compassion) has been seen around me by various people throughout my life (when I sing especially) so I almost called this Spirit Guide..
It’s difficult to describe the scent of blue lotus. There is nothing else like it out there. In fact, it took me a year to source the real deal. Yes, it’s floral.. but it’s so much more! It’s deeper. It’s known to be a tonic for Cosmic BLISS, and it is also a powerful aphrodisiac. It brings lucid dreaming and helps one relax. It was a revered flower among Ancient Cultures... known to bring ecstasy and euphoria! 😍
I blended this bliss oil with Blue Tansy Oil, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Yuzu, Lime, Frangipani, and more! Also, those crystals? Those are rose quartz 🤗