Balsam Bliss~Deodorant Cream~ detoxifying, grounding and blissful!


Sold Out

Friends... ANOTHER new deodorant!!! They sell out so fast and I’ve been having so much fun making new aroma blends! And so here we have ‘Balsam Bliss’... made with a essential oil blend of sandalwood, copaiba balsam,cedarwood, White grapefruit, bergamot, vanilla, and just a hint of both eucalyptus and lime! ... this beautiful blend in our gentle yet extremely effective creamy deodorant base! Baking soda free!🙌🏻
For best (nearly perfect) results, apply to freshly washed and DRIED underarms. Just massage a pea size amount into your skin like you would a face cream! I like to go a little bit beyond the borders of my underarms to make sure I’m preventing any odor causing bacteria whatsoever... ☺️ The little massage needed to rub the cream into skin is so great for supporting a healthy lymphatic system... in fact we should be massaging our underarms and breasts (I have breast oils for that) every day! And by using these deodorants, you do it anyway! The White grapefruit, Cedarwood, lime, and green clay also helps with eliminating toxins in the area. Sandalwood harmonizes with your natural pheromones, copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is calming to the spirit... I know you will all fall in love with this gorgeous potion!🌿✨☺️