Beauty Fairy~ Honey Berry~ Exfoliating Enzyme Mask


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NEW! ~ Beauty Fairy~ Honey Berry Overnight mask! Made with cranberry and pomegranate enzymes to gently dissolve dead skin cells, extracts of hibiscus, mulberry, bearberry, and peony to brighten skin, reverse sun damage, and imbue the skin with antioxidants that prevent premature aging. Royal jelly and MSM strengthen and tone the skin and help to build collagen... while vegan silk amino acids leave skin soft and smooth. Colloidal silver fights acne and inflammation and soothes skin overall! Kids love the tooth fairy and I love the beauty fairy!
This mask is completely different than anything we’ve released before. It is very liquid-y. Apply a thin layer to freshly washed skin and let dry. It will feel like a thin slightly tacky (but not really) layer on skin. You can sleep with it on (won’t transfer to pillowcase once it’s dry) or you can wash off in 30mins- hour... bit overnight is best!

The following morning I like to use the Norwex exfoliating mitt (we sell these in the online store as well) to buff away all the dry skin! Works like a charm!!!

There are no essential oils in beauty fairy.. it has a natural light smell from the Berry extracts! To be honest, it kind of smells like wine!🙃