Beloved Ritual Perfume Oil {Rose and Jasmine}


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Passion potion, divine devotion, heart blooming, high vibration, cosmic royalty, ... these are the keywords when I think of describing this otherworldly/extremely sensual ritual perfume oil!

It’s the classic duo of Rose and Jasmine (with verrry faint notes of patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla) that brings harmony to body, mind and soul. And please note that this is REAL rose and REAL jasmine (two different varieties) which is extremely difficult to find out in the world due to their extravagant price (usually all you get is a cheap synthetic replica that does not come close to real thing!). This is because it takes hundreds of roses to produce just a drop of essential oil. And the same goes with jasmine. This blend is fit for the divine royalty that you are! 

Rose resonates so beautifully with the heart space. Roll right onto the heartspace when in need of comfort and healing. Rose is also a wonderful oil for protection (think about the thorns) and for setting healthy boundaries in the holy house of your heart. Protect and nourish your most precious heart-space!

Jasmine is considered one of the Angelic Fragrances. It helps with communication with ones angels and opens the crown chakra to receive spiritual insight and channel divine wisdom.  It also resonates with the heart and sacral centres which are all about love, creativity, sacred sexuality, and PLEASURE! 

Subtle earthy notes of patchouli and vetiver bring a bit of grounding to the blend. Patchouli is also a wonderful oil for manifestation! Benzoin resin helps with meditation and adds comforting notes of incense and vanilla. YUM. 

Infused with Garnet crystal. 

This is for anyone who wishes to invite more love, joy, creativity, sensuality, and mysticism in their life!