Blessed Be~ Ritual Perfume/Aromatherapy Roller Kit (Love the World Fundraiser)

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Blessed Be~ Ritual Perfume/Aromatherapy Kit! $120 (value $240) .... Another kit added to our ‘Love the World’ fundraiser! 50% of SALES from these kits will be going to charity. Kits are majorly discounted so you can share and enjoy these magical potions with friends, family, and loved ones! Wonderful for yoga teachers, and anyone who works in the healing fields as these can truly enhance your practice with a touch of magical aromatherapy! Only a few of them each kit available! We thank you so so so much for your support!!! So many orders have come in already and we couldn’t be more grateful! These are our valentines for the world! ☺️💗🙏🏻