Bloom and Glow~Body and Belly Oil


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Bloom and Glow is back! A body oil made to nurture a new mama’s heart with oils that bring love, joy, and calm! Also a luxurious way to help prevent and treat stretch marks! Pregnancy safe! And smells like a dream! Trust me... it’s the perfect gift for mamas to be or new mamas... but it’s also incredible for ANYONE smells divine and is low on essential oils, but high on healing herbal infusions 😘

'Bloom and Glow' Body Oil for blooming bellies and/or blooming spirits! I was asked to make a Hydrating silk for pregnancy, so I made a silk that helps to nourish and hydrate skin, uplifts and energizes the spirit, balances emotions, helps to treat and prevent stretch marks, and promotes healthy hair and scalp. I realize that this could be useful for anyone... so if you are not pregnant, don't shy away from this one! This silk is infused with so many beautiful flower essences like lavender, calendula, rose, neroli, that bring nurturing to the spirit and expansion to the heart centre. Frankincense brings balance and grounding. Citrus oils of bergamot, mandarin, and pink grapefruit energize and uplift the spirit as well as combat nausea! Oils of rosehip, golden jojoba, castor, and Tamanu oil deeply nourish the skin and promote a healthy glow! You can also find a few tiny Rose Quartz pieces resting on the bottom of each glass bottle!