Blue Crystal~Cleansing Oil


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NEWBlue Crystal 💎 Cleansing Oil! ~ Soothing and calming to both skin and spirit! Wonderful ALL skin types, but especially those with redness, and/or inflammation, and those with sensitive skin!


This beautiful cleanser gets its gorgeous colour from deep blue tansy oil. It also features oils of lavender, Cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, rosewood, and bergamot.


Rare and precious blue tansy oil is extremely soothing, calming, and healing to red, irritated, inflamed, dry and itchy skin. It is also wonderful for treating acne and chronic skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.


Blue tansy is also antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic, analgesic, antibacterial, and contains natural antihistamines that help with allergies! It gently opens up the airways and relieves congestion. It also good for aches and pains and even headaches!


Emotionally it is very soothing, calming, tranquilizing... excellent for bedtime and drifting off to dreamland. It instantly calms the nervous system and is effective at treating anxiety. It has a warm sweet herbaceous almost fruity aroma that brings about a child like wonder, an open heart, and peaceful innocent joy! It also helps boost self esteem and confidence! Ya! Cleansing your face with this is like diving into an ocean of BLISS!



When using an Oil Cleanser, there is always some form of face massage involved. It’s pretty intuitive... as you massage the oil in upward and outward strokes and focus on congested areas like the t-zone, chin, and sides of the nose. The point of using oil is that oil breaks down oil and sebum (the stuff that clogs pores) and balances oils production while leaving skin smooth, clean and refreshed, as it will never strip the skin of its natural ‘good’ oils that keep it supple and balanced. It also effectively removes makeup better than water based cleansers and it does a way better job of actually cleaning the skin, but in a much gentler way. But there is a process/ritual to do it right:


Massage into skin for 2-5 minutes (or longer if you wish) and deeply inhale the beautiful essential oils and enjoying the additional benefits of aromatherapy. Take a damp warm to hot washcloth and gently wipe away oil completely. You might want to rinse twice to make sure...😘✨


And that’s it!