Blue Lace Agate~Diamond Radiance Earrings


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Blue Lace Agate~Diamond Radiance Hoops!
What is your diamond radiance? It’s your powerful inner light...! Blue lace agate helps with connecting with that timeless light, and sharing whatever insights pour forth from that infinite space within. It helps to open the throat chakra so you can communicate those inner knowings and musings that stir up within... even if they go against the status quo... more than ever we need people standing up and speaking and living from their deep soul truths! The time is now, more than ever... no more hiding, and a lot more SHINING and SHARING your diamond light with the world! πŸ’Ž .
Plus lace agate is also very soothing and comforting ... think crystal blue waters washing over hot fiery emotions.... bringing calm and flow to your everyday life. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’Ž 🌊 .