Blue Lotus~ Diamond Elixir


Friends I’m so excited to introduce this new Blue Lotus Diamond Euphoria Elixir...

Blue Lotus is the ancient dreaming flower, known for it’s ability to activate our divine essence and call forth our deepest dreams, insights and visions.

It brings mild euphoria, while calming and relaxing the nervous system and aids in sleep and dreaming. I have a suspicion that if our nervous systems were operating at optimal relaxation, we would indeed be naturally euphoric beings as we attuned to the divine love and truth of who we are and the pristine origins of where we came.

Things are shifting fast and more than ever, we need to remember who we truly are and anchor into our truth, our light, our purpose on earth during this time.

Blue lotus flowers were steeped in a honey liquor over several months. I made a Gem essence of Herkimer diamond and flower essence of delphinium flower and added these to the blend as well, as they enhance and activate the crown and soul star chakras... bringing forth the divine love and wisdom that has always been there waiting for us🧚‍♀️🙏💓