Bohemian Bliss~Deodorant Cream


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Bohemian Bliss for sweet summer loving!Deep earth, sweet herbs, wild citrus, and tropical flowers...this is a bohemian dream! Patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, rose de mai, lemongrass, sweet orange, Roman chamomile, and lavender in our amazing base of coconut and calendula oils, Monoi de Tahiti, beeswax... and odor PREVENTING blend of prebiotics, clay, colloidal silver ions, magnesium, zinc oxide and arrowroot. If you loved our Rose Champa Patchouli deodorant, you will love this!

As always.. baking soda Free! Safe for the most sensitive skin!

For best (nearly perfect) results, apply to freshly washed and DRIED underarms. Just massage a pea size amount into your skin like you would a face cream! I like to go a little bit beyond the borders of my underarms to make sure I’m preventing any odor causing bacteria whatsoever... ☺️ The little massage needed to rub the cream into skin is so great for supporting a healthy lymphatic system... in fact we should be massaging our underarms and breasts (I have breast oils for that) every day! And by using these deodorants, you do it anyway!