Boreal Blessings~Detoxifying Deodorant Cream {Cedarwood, patchouli, juniper, clove}

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NEW deodorant! Yes! Another new one! Deodorants are one of my top selling potions and it’s so fun for me to change it up season to season!
Speaking of, our new Boreal Blessings is very autumn-y and cozy... with patchouli, Cedarwood, orange, vanilla, Balsam fir, spicy clove leaf and geranium.. I also added some juniper for a nice detox effect... and orange, fir needle, and clove are known to help boost immunity. Cedarwood is grounding and brings the blessings of the forest. It’s a cozy soft subtle aroma... softer than some of our other deodorants that have Vetiver or sandalwood as the base note. 😊

All of our deodorants are Baking soda free!

In order for this deodorant to work the best, you need to apply it to freshly washed and dried underarms. You simply massage it into your skin like you would your face cream. And that’s it! It works all day long to prevent odor causing bacteria and there is no need to re-apply...💗.💗 annnnnd the massaging action is SO GOOD for moving lymph and draining toxins in the armpit area!!!