Boreal Blessing~Detoxifying Breast Oil


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 ‘Boreal Blessings!’ Detoxifying breast oil... With  juniper, Cedarwood, cypress oils, heart opening rose geranium, joy inducing orange oil (plus citrus oils are amazing for breast health!) vanilla for comfort, clove leaf to protect cells and boost immunity, and cedarwood and juniper for detoxification and energetic protection and cleansing!!! Ahhhh it’s amazing!

The base oils are infused with calendula, violet leaf, red clover, yarrow, elderflower, and pine... and they deeply support the lymphatic system while nourishing the skin!

Rosehip, camellia seed, and castor oils reduce scarring and promote cell regeneration and beautiful healthy supple skin on the chest and breasts.

This is a work of art💓 for your sacred HEART! Breast oils and massaging the breasts helps us connect with our heart Center and opens a portal to the truth of who we are.. while unlocking the magic that happens through unconditional self love ... which is the greatest gift you could give yourself and to the world...

This oil blend is full of sacred and potent oils and could also be used in meditation and sacred ritual. 💓💓💓