Boreal Blessings~ Diffuser Blend~ grounding, energetically purifying, and heart opening


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New diffuser blend alert! Boreal Blessings!!! Purifying and grounding cedarwood, juniper, fir needle, and a stunning and rare white cedar leaf absolute is blended with heart opening rose geranium, uplifting sweet orange, soothing vanilla, and earthy patchouli!
Truthfully this doesn’t smell nearly as forest-y as some of our other forest blends, but it has been one of my favourite blends since 5 years ago when I made our Boreal Blessings Hydrating Silk... at every market, when someone was looking for a body oil or a new natural scent, I would always reach for this one first, and it never got turned down. It has something in it for everyone. The plants from from forest, grove and field all dancing harmoniously together. You can feel this sacred dance within your bones. Familiar. Grounding. Comfort. This one hit me right in the heartspace. I hope you love it as much as I do!💓💓💓