Breath of Life~ Shower Spa Spray


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Breath of Life~ Prana Boosting Shower Spa Spray is a refreshing blend of essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, scotch pine, lavender and balsam fir. It helps open airways, invigorates the body, cleanses the spirit, and delights the senses! It’s like walking in a fresh forest!!!

As the oils work to decongest and open airways, the lungs are able to take in deeper breaths and this automatically taps into the heartspace.. bringing more love and expansion to your being. Breathe with the trees!!! Open airways and an open heartspace mean that Prana (life force) is able to flow more easily throughout the body. The more prana, the more vitality we are able to experience! 

This is a 100% essential oil spray meant to utilize the stream in the shower to create a spa like experience! Let your shower water heat up to a steam... spray 2-3 sprays into the steam before stepping in... the bottle is glass so it’s a good idea to keep the bottle out of the shower and do the spray right before stepping in. Your bathroom will still smell like a spa after your shower! It’s amazing!


WARNING: Because this blend has not been diluted with a carrier oil or water etc, it is imperative that you DO NOT use this as a body spray or face spray. 100% pure essential oils are not safe to use on skin without being diluted first so please bear this in mind. Do not spray into bath water either, use one of our body oils to scent your bathwater instead 😘😘😘

Also, keep out of reach of children. 

Other uses for this new potion would be to spray it into your diffuser water and use as diffuser oil... also, spray your Xmas tree if you have a fake one to make your house smell fresh and Christmas-y!