Calm and Bright~Celestial Ritual Kit

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Calm and Bright~ Celestial Ritual Kit  ✨😇
Gift yourself or gift a loved one with this ultra calming kit that contains:
~Serenity Body Oil
~Sacred Starlight~ Clear and Calm herbal tea blend featuring lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, tulsi, and oat tops
~Angel Aura~ Wand of light aromatherapy wand... to spark divine wisdom and clarity from your angels and your highest self✨
~one amethyst crystal for bringing calm to your space and for use in meditation
~ one crystal infused beeswax tea light to create a sacred space.. with rose quartz, jade, morganite, and kunzite crystals!
I recommend a bath with salts and a few droppers full of the serenity oil, by crystal candlelight, while sipping on our brand new sacred starlight tea... and setting the space with the amethyst crystal and annointing yourself with our Angel aura wand... I can see the magic of it all now!!! ✨✨✨
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