Celestial Beauty Illuminating Ritual Perfume Balm


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✨Calling all angels ✨Celestial Beauty Illuminating Ritual Balm features the rare, sacred, and intoxicating Magnolia Blossom Oil... which is blended with the angelic oils of jasmine, lavender, frankincense, and neroli (orange blossom). This blend also resonates with the Soul Star Chakra. It is the 8th main chakra that sits above the head and is connected to universal/celestial consciousness...each balm is topped with a Herkimer Diamond which also helps to lift consciousness to higher realms. (It might be wise to keep your earth planted firmly into the earth for grounding when using... but the frankincense in the blend will help with this as well 😘😅).
This cosmic balm can be used for so many different things. Rub into pulse points to use as a high vibe solid perfume. Use on body and face as hydrating highlighter (the base is made of luxurious virgin Argan oil, orchid oil, and mango butter), and my favourite, anoint your temples, third eye, and the back of your neck, to use for prayer or meditation... ✨✨✨this 1oz jar will last FOREVER... (you know how it goes with my potions! 😘✨💗💎)