Clear and Calm Duo~ stress relief and nervous system support


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Clear and Calm Duo... our beautiful Clear and Calm Stress Relief Roller, now has a best friend that you can add to your beverage of choice... our Clear and Calm Nervine~ Flower and Gemstone~ Elixir!
I was called to make this stress relieving tincture when the pandemic hit, as it felt obvious that our nervous systems needed support as we were getting bombarded by all kinds of fear mongering programs and all kinds information from all angles in general. It’s a lot to process and it can be so wearing on body, mind and spirit! It can leave one feeling restless, agitated, and emotionally and physically exhausted. And so of course I turned to the plants... and made a calming tincture with passionflower, lavender, chamomile, oat tops, holy basil, lemon balm and... Amethyst! A tincture to assist and allow the body to return to its natural state of rest and digest rather than be caught up in the fight or flight energy that this pandemic has tried to induce. Come home to yourself... relax...and allow the peaceful waters of the river of life to flow through you... this is so essential for the immune system to work optimally and it’s also so important on an energetic level... coming into our own innate power, peace, and presence, can shift the outcome of the future for the best possible scenario. And Mother Earth has our back... all the way. We are so loved and supported! From the earth to the high heavens! I remember when I taught yoga to children, one of our ‘mantras’ was ‘Peace begins with me!’. So simple and so true! My intention is that this elixir helps you tune into the peace that naturally lives with you! 😘

This has quite a strong taste on its own ... the lavender dominates... and it is truly best when added to a beverage of your choice rather than taken straight up. In plain water it brings a very soft lavender chamomile herbal essence to the mix... which I love! I hope you all enjoy!

Our Clear and Calm roller ~ is a beautiful blend for stress relief and clarity of the mind... opening the clear channels to the wisdom that flows from the higher self with clary sage, relaxation and comfort with lavender, bringing in light and uplifting the spirit with bergamot, a warm cozy hug from vanilla, and immediately bring calm to the nervous system with tulsi (holy basil). This is one is a real treat! I have now infused the carrier oil with indigo and alkanet root to create a blue-purple colour for colour therapy! These roots bring in grounding as well!