Deep Bliss~Deodorant Cream


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A new deodorant cream is here! Or like my customer- turned- pal likes to call it: ‘fancy pit cream’... because it is pretty fancy.... it feels good, it smells amazing and it WORKS!!! It truly does! And it’s baking soda free!
Deep Bliss is a beautiful blend of sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense, bergamot, vanilla, clary sage, Blood orange, pink grapefruit and lime.  Sandalwood, frankincense, and Vetiver are all immensely calming and grounding to the nervous system. Vanilla and lime bring joy and bliss.. and pink grapefruit uplifts while offering a gentle detox effect.
In order for this deodorant to work the best, you need to apply it to freshly washed and dried underarms. You simply massage it into your skin like you would your face cream. And that’s it! It works all day long to prevent odor causing bacteria and there is no need to re-apply...💗.💗 annnnnd the massaging action is SO GOOD for moving lymph and draining toxins in the armpit area!!!