Deep Bliss Ritual Perfume Oil-Grounding, Peace, Harmony


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I made a special perfume oil for the autumn/winter season just for me... and then I made a few extra to share with you. It’s like a sophisticated version of Balsam Bliss. It goes deeper... has ancient origins, and smells of rich earth (mitti Attar bakes earth oil), roots (Vetiver), holy wood (Indian Sandalwood), warm resin (very rare poplar bud essential oi), spice (cardamom), and is brought together by the creamy warmth of Vanilla, Lavender, and Bright Citrus ... it’s cozy, deep, sensual, warm, and blissful... you know.. the Bliss that arises from the underbelly of the earth... that pours out through all living things.. and contains the mysterious secret of life itself...! While we complicate things with our minds, and turn away from who we really are, there is a deep and glorious laughter ringing from the centre of all creation. It is brimming with love, joy, and harmony. Sink down into quiet surrender and stillness and know this... this is DEEP BLISS✨💎🌿🌎 Infused with Green Adventurine Crystal✨