Diamond Light Radiance~ Ritual Perfume Balm~ Holy Woods


Diamond Light Radiance~Holy Woods~Ritual Perfume Balm~ ✨✨✨💎💎💎

This is an elevating solid perfume that can be used for grounding, prayer, meditation, and purification. Contains sacred and rare oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, eaglewood, buddhawood, hinoki cypress, Palo Santo, frankincense, myrrh, and vanilla.

infused with quartz crystal and Palo Santo chips ✨annnnd it shimmers! 
This is part of a sacred trio.. a holy trinity of Diamond light perfumes...these were the first potions made in my new studio... and I asked which plants wanted to be in our Diamond light ritual blends and so many came forth!!! And so I divided them into 3 different perfumes... of course it was all the most precious oils that came through to be used.. some I’ve rarely used as I waiting for a special occasion.
What is Diamond light? It is the radiance within us. It is a crystalline column of light encoded within each of us. It is our glorious spiritual core of radiant light that can center us, guide us, and help keep us connected to our highest selves, source, and the angelic realms... it’s our Diamond light that really desires to guides and shine! The plants carry essences that assist in engaging with this gloriousness within us. ✨💓✨
These perfume pods will be available on their own and also sold together as the trinity at a discount. This was also the first potion(a) of 2021 and I believe that more than ever we need to get strong within our spiritual core. Strong like a radiant Diamond of light... shine shine shine!!!