Diamond Light Radiance~ Ritual Perfume Balms~ holy trinity!

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This set contains our 3 Diamond light radiance perfume balms~ holy woods, sweet birch blessings, and celestial bloom! Aromatherapy magic to enchant as a light shimmering perfume or to enhance prayer and meditation and sacred ritual! All infused with the most precious botanicals, crystals and essential oils and so much love!!! 

 ~Holy Woods~Ritual Perfume Balm~ ✨✨✨💎💎💎

This is an elevating solid perfume that can be used for grounding, prayer, meditation, and purification. Contains sacred and rare oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, eaglewood, buddhawood, hinoki cypress, Palo Santo, frankincense, myrrh, and vanilla.


Sweet Birch Blessings~ for prayer and meditation and aromatherapy to promote feelings of purification, renewal, and rebirth!
This precious perfume pod has strong notes of sweet birch, vanilla, and silver fir needle, with a background bouquet of pine, frankincense, myrrh, Vetiver, sandalwood, white cedar absolute, Labrador tea, mint, and lavender ... which comes through after several waves and whiffs of sweet birch!!! It is truly divine and so unique as I don’t use sweet birch very often but it is such a powerful ally when it comes to bringing about new


Celestial Bloom💎 🌸 ✨

This is a gorgeous blend full of the most rare and precious petal oils to help open the door to the heart and the crown chakra and awaken the angelic wisdom and divine love that swells within you.

Fragrant white petals of elevating lotus, Gingerlily, white rose, magnolia, Neroli and Champa are blended with red rose, tuberose, lavender, frankincense sacra, sandalwood, Vetiver, myrrh and vanilla... together it is the most delicate powdery soft floral bouquet! 

These were the first potions made in my new studio... and I asked which plants wanted to be in our Diamond light ritual blends and so many came forth!!! And so I divided them into 3 different perfumes... of course it was all the most precious oils that came through to be used.. some I’ve rarely used as I waiting for a special occasion.
What is Diamond light? It is the radiance within us. It is a crystalline column of light encoded within each of us. It is our glorious spiritual core of radiant light that can center us, guide us, and help keep us connected to our highest selves, source, and the angelic realms... it’s our Diamond light that really desires to guides and shine! The plants carry essences that assist in engaging with this gloriousness within us. ✨💓✨
These perfume pods will be available on their own and also sold together as the trinity at a discount. This was also the first potion(a) of 2021 and I believe that more than ever we need to get strong within our spiritual core. Strong like a radiant Diamond of light... shine shine shine!!!