Dreaming Earth~Healing Hibernation Butter~ For Feet and Body


Dreaming Earth~ Healing Hibernation Butter~ because in the winter, the earth dreams, and she asks us to do the same.✨
This body butter is just as much conceptual as it is therapeutic. In winter, all the energy and life force of the plants goes into the roots and works its magic of transformation, and dreaming there. This magical potion contains a special blend of essential oils that have been derived from various roots... like Vetiver, ginger, spikenard, Angelica, galangal~ to help connect us to the deep wisdom and workings of Mother Earth. This oils help us to find and understand our own roots, and our own deep connected to Mother Earth and of our own inner worlds. Our roots are like our umbilical cord connecting us to all the magic that is! I also added Patchouli for its earthiness and benzoin for its ability to heal chapped skin. Lavender and mugwort aid in the dreaming aspects and keep our intuition and connection to spirit wide open as we dive deep within ourselves... so we can be a clear channel from Earth to Spirit. ✨
Winter asks us to slow down, rest, sink in deep, hibernate, restore, transform, and to walk within the worlds of dream and spirit. And this balm helps us to do just that. While also repairing and restoring skin. Apply to feet and back of the neck before bed or in the evenings to get cozy, or during meditation. The scent is surprising subtle for being full of roots... but I guess that is how it’s meant to be. A soft and energetic potion.✨💗✨