Emerald Alchemy~Herbal Harmony Roller


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Emerald Alchemy💚~ Herbal Harmony🌿 Roller! We are in the season where all the beautiful medicinal herbs of the earth spring from the earth and it is totally wondrous!!! These herbs bring balance and vitality and ancient wisdom that is literally written in their DNA. We naturally resonate with these frequencies and they bring us closer to who we truly are. The oils in this blend come from some of the herbs I see popping up naturally around me: yarrow, hyssop, sage, and mint, as well as some from warmer places of the world like rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, patchouli and clary sage... and then we’ve added some Vetiver root for some deep anchoring into the earth... as so many of us need that during these times. We long to be held, and feel sturdy ground beneath us. And the earth is always here to provide that like the gracious mother that she is. We are a part of her and she, us.
Magically, the herbal oils create the most beautiful emerald green colour, which directly correlates to the heart space and to the heart of Gaia. The green colour along with the herbal actions of clearing the lungs, truly activate and bring vitality to the heart centre... there is so much to energetically cleanse, process, and integrate right now! It’s important we keep our heart space clear and open to the divine guidance that naturally pours in. The heart is a portal to everything we need in every moment... and as cliche as it sounds, the answer is love. And then more love.
Every bottle also contains an emerald crystal to further activate and support the heart chakra and bring more love and natural abundance to your life!
It is through the heart and with our love, that we can alchemize any situation, and that is what we are called to do right now, and always.. Emerald Alchemy supports you on your path... 🌿🌱💚 Bringing herbal harmony to your heart!