Emerald Dream~Magic Matcha Eye Cream~ now with Sea fennel~ a natural and safe retinol alternative


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Ok friends, I’ve spent MONTHS researching and gathering rare and super hard to find oils, herbs, and extracts to make this very special eye cream!
Emerald Dream features antioxidant rich matcha tea, invigorating green coffee bean, a very powerful goji berry Co2 Extract for intense regeneration and treatment of milia, vitamin rich prickly pear seed, restorative Tamanu oil, fresh apple seed, and plumping pomegranate, infused with brightening, collagen promoting, astringent, and healing herbs of licorice Root, Gotu Kola, mulberry, calendula, elderflower, rose and caffeine rich roasted coffee bean! Then I added essential oils that help fight inflammation and help to drain fluid retention that causes puffiness! In the end, you’ve got an eye cream that does it all! It is small but mighty! The most thoroughly thought out, studied, and researched! With the finest ingredients! I’m pretty obsessed with making the most effective natural skincare! I very excited about this new eye cream and I hope you are too!