Fairy Friend~Magic Wand~ and tick repellent for kids!


Fairy Friend~Magic Wand~ a child friendly, sparkly jumbo roller infused with oils that not only repel ticks, they also bring calm, grounding, and nourish the heartspace... bringing feelings of LOVE and harmony to the wearer. Some special extracts and carefully chosen oils to attract our fairy friends and angels... to keep them close as we journey through the many trials and tribulations of life... while also encouraging us lean into our natural flow state of grace and ease... This is where we are heading.. in consciousness 

The biodegradable glitter and ethically sourced mica bring a remembering of the magic and light that we are. ✨✨✨
This was made especially for children as it is made with a child safe dilution of essential oils. But as I was crafting it, I really felt into it and realized that it is truly for anyone who wants to tap into the magical and often hidden realms of love and spirit that surround us and dwell within us. As we age, we often forget about our own magical makeup... and we forget how to connect to the angels, fairies and nature spirits... yet our soul deeply craves this union... and this magic... because our soul remembers our connection to the seen and unseen worlds. And we crave to remember our infinite light! So if this roller calls to you, and if you love to sparkle🤩 ... I’ve got you covered. More on the individual ingredients soon!