Fairy Friend~Sweet Soothe Wand

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Fairy Friend~ Sweet Soothe Wand for children! Works great as an after bite and helps to heal up scrapes, bumps and bruises, with its potent yet gentle C02 extracts of evening primrose, calendula, sea buckthorn, and Rosehip. Monoi de Tahiti oil also soothes skin and has a beautiful light tropical aroma, that is combined with frankincense, sandalwood, chamomile, blue tansy, lavender, geranium, Helichrysum and vanilla to provide calming and heart opening, gentle aromatherapy. This can be used as a light ‘perfume’ that soothes nerves, or therapeutically as a magic wand for all kinds of ‘boo boos’ ... just please refrain from applying to open wounds! Adults, you can try this out too! Great for those post bite-scratched-too much scars! ✨