Forest Fairy~ Diffuser Blend


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NEW! Forest Fairy~Diffuser Blend~ ‘Breathe with the Trees’... respiratory support for kids!
This blend is filled with the oils from trees like black spruce, pine needle, cedar bark, balsam fir, and cypress... these trees all support the respiratory system and help to open airways. Small children aren’t really supposed to have menthol like eucalyptus and peppermint and so this is a great alternative! It’s effective and it smells like the forest while cleansing the air of pathogens!
Also included in the blend are calming soothing lavender, and immune supporting sweet orange. Herbaceous Rosalina also supports lung health!🙂
If you are looking for an alternative to a menthol heavy vapour rub, our ‘little angels’ soothing decongestant salve is made for you! It helps open airways with gentle alternatives like Roman chamomile and Rosalina... frankincense is added to fortify and strengthen and protect your littles! 😇😘